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  1. hi Sir,

    Thanks for the sharing your knowledge in Blog. It is really useful.

    I am interested to learn about hadoop, and trained in Hadoop components. But have few doubts in the real time production set up for hadoop.
    1. In production, which distribution normally used? whether hadoop will be downloaded from apache or cloudera distribution will be used?
    2. Where exactly the other components will be installed? like sqoop, Hive , Pig and all.
    3. In real time production, whether companies will go for same set up in production, Development and Testing? or it will be different.

    Can you kindly help me to understand this.


      • Hi Sir,

        Thanks for sharing Hadoop contents in your blog. It helped me a lot while attending interviews.

        I am interested to learn Spark and Scala.
        I read your review on edureka website regarding Spark and Scala.

        Could you please suggest, if it is really worth to join?


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