How to load Video into HDFS?

HDFS is Hadoop Distributed file system. In this file system if you loaded any extension file (Example Images (.jpg/gif/.png), Videos like Mp4, Mp3, Text Files, Compressed files) Hadoop consider as a FILE. It never minds its extension. When we load a Data set into HDFS it is consider that as a FILE.

Here we are loading test1.mp4 and see how it is splitting and store into HDFS.

  1. Format Name node by command > hadoop namenode -format
  2. Start all services – This is Hadoop 1 . All services start by command 2-Start-all-services-and-JPS
  3. load test1.mp4  (85MB file size ) into HDFS by -put  command
  4. HDFS splits the 85 MB test1.mp4 as  two block each (one is 64 MB another is 21 MB ) and it is available in Data Node.






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